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Pendulum Dowsing

Working with pendulum- a beginner’s guide

Do you possess a curious mind?

Does it interest you to locate long lost objects?

Have you ever pondered on answers to those puzzling questions?

Sure you do, our minds are curious by nature!

Even better, is when we witness someone perform certain rare, nearly magical activities.

Our curious minds super curious minds go into overdrive; wondering, pondering, thinking, and questioning:

Is that even possible?  How did he/she do it?

How come he/she can do it?  Can I do it?

Ever heard the word ‘Dowsing’?

It is the name given to a certain technique that incorporates the psychic or intuitive faculty of our brains – sometimes called divining.

Generally used to acquire sensitive information that would normally be missed by the typical conscious mind.

Dowsing is popularly used to locate underground water bodies, and a forked twig is typically used as the dowser.

Held outward, above the ground, the rod would instantly begin jerk in a downwards motion as soon as water is detected underground, this would happen even if the water body is a non-flowing one.

Another simpler dowsing technique is the use of pendulums.

With the pendulum technique, all that is needed to build a decent dowser is a string or just some length (about 30cm) of cotton, and a small weight.

The weight could be metal, wood, glass, plastic or a crystal; basically, anything of significant weight that can be carried around.

With these, your pendulum is all set, and you can begin to use it by simply holding it between the thumb and forefinger of your non-writing hand.

Now, how can a simple pendulum be used for dowsing?

Below is an intricate explanation on the steps to achieving that. For more information, Visit us today.

Step One:

The first thing to establish is a signal or code for a yes and a no.

The common signal is depicting a clockwise motion for Yes, and an anti-clockwise for No.

Some others use forward and backward motions, others left and right.

A few personalized experiments should soon reveal to you, your own signal/code, alongside informing you which depicts yes and which, no.

A simple albeit effect personal experiment is the ‘Bowl with/without water’ test.

Hold your dowser (pendulum) over a bowl of water; relax, clear your mind, and ask: “Does this bowl contain water?”

You know the answer to be Yes, what you need do is observe the motion your pendulum takes.

This motion would connote your yes.

Next, empty the bowl, and perform the same exercise; again, observe the motion and take it to be your No signal.

Carry out this exercise a couple more times, until it gets comfortable for you.

Your pendulum actually moves in resonation to your muscular movements, NOT of its own volition.

These very subtle muscular movements are controlled by no one else, and nothing else but YOU, albeit, subconsciously by the psychic or intuitive faculty of your brain.

Ergo, when answering the questions, remember it isn’t the pendulum answering, neither is it some mysterious external force, it is YOU answering.

Step Two:

After the personal tests, take it up a notch and begin to sought answers or information about the future, the present, and the past.

The few prerequisites to embrace are: always remain open minded, and limit your trials to every second or third day, never exceeding about 20 - 30 minutes.

Be sure to never fall into the habit of seeking quotidian information such as “should I take out the trash now?”

Step Three:

Supposing you have one serious question you desperately need clarification on.

Say, for instance, you need to know if you should date him/her, or if it’s time to change Jobs.

Simply write down your question on a paper, relax your mind, and hover your pendulum above the paper.

You will soon observe your pendulum move, providing the much-needed answer.

You can also build on the gotten answer; asking another question based on the given answer.

Say you have some options to consider, also write out each of these options on a piece of paper and hover your dowser on each option, taking note of the answer upon each of the options.

Interested in using your pendulum for gambling? Don’t sweat.

Use your pendulum to find your lucky numbers and use them to play.

For horse racing, pick the horses using the same technique as well.

Again, bear in mind that your dowsing influenced winnings came from you, NOT anywhere else.

Step Four:

Even more fun is the fact that pendulum dowsing can be used to find missing objects; fun and helpful.

First of all experiment by asking someone to hide a particular object from you and then proceed to ask your pendulum questions that would help locate the item.

Start by asking your questions in a broader sense, and then narrowing down the search with subsequent questions until a particular, specific location is reached.

For instance, start by asking if it is located in the house, next ask for specific parts of the house (the kitchen, bedroom etc.).

Eventually, a particular angle of a particular room will be gotten and as you get closer to the object, your pendulum would spin wildly

This particular test would take a few trials to master, so don’t give up and persevere till you get it.

Step Five:

Use your pendulum to help pick a favorable holiday location.

Write down on a paper, all potential locations, clear your mind, and ask your pendulum which is most favorable.

It’ is indeed amazing how much dowsing can achieve.

Do you know you can even use it to navigate in strange places by asking for directions?

The important thing is to become comfortable and proficient in using the pendulum dowser; continue to test with simple questions and soon, you will become adept and always accurate with your answers.